2020 African Trees Planted

Help us reach our tree planting goal!

22136/2020 Trees Planted!

Forests function as large carbon sinks, with huge potential to mitigate climate change – and yet deforestation and forest degradation continue to take place around the world at an alarming rate.

We need ambitious climate action to protect and restore Africa’s forests!

With just over 3 months left until the end of 2020, we encourage you to take the #LeadOnClimate by being part of the solution to forest degradation and deforestation. Our goal is to work together to plant 2020 African trees by 7 December 2020 in efforts to create awareness around the protection and restoration of Africa’s forests as carbon sinks and a nature-based solution to the climate crisis.

So what can you do? How can you get involved?

We are excited to say that with your help we have already reached our goal of 2020 African trees planted! We would like to say a very big thank you to those who planted trees and surpassed our expectations.

While we have already reached our goal, we are asking you to set a goal of your own! Commit to planting at least one indigenous tree in your home, school, community hall, or place of worship before 7 December 2020, and then log your tree planting action to be featured on the map in our countdown to 2020 African Trees Planted!

If you are new to tree planting, watch this helpful how-to video to make sure you are giving your tree seedlings the best chance of growing, and use our Sink Our CO2 Forest Factsheets to spread the word about Africa’s forests at your tree planting event.

Remember to log your tree planting action to be featured on the map and to help us reach our 2020 African Trees Planted goal!

It’s up to us to speak for the trees, and ensure that their future – and ours – is protected from the climate crisis.

Visit the Sink Our CO2 campaign page here.