A lunch time chat on Eco-Sustainability with Nigerian Climate Leader Sira Lewis

Sira Lewis is one of the co-founders of the EDEN Garden City Project, an environmental sustainability project that started during the 2015 US Consulate Exchange Programme (Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative). Over the years, Sira Lewis has been able to reach out and mobilize over 600 market traders, youths and students through her onsite, on-air and online advocacy programme. For her advocacy and hard work, the project won the Nigeria-America Partnership Award for its impact. Winning the award encouraged and compelled her to keep finding ways to sustain what she has so much passion for.

Having recently completed the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Denver, Colorado, Sira decided to spread the word about the climate crisis and the urgency to tackle it by hosting a Lunch Time Eco Sustainability Chat on 23 March 2017 at the Revival Center in Lagos State, Nigeria. This event was intended to bring together people interested in climate change and sustainable development to increase awareness of the degree of interconnectivity between human actions and their effects on a global scale, dicuss what is required for a sustainable society and foster networking among like-minded people.

The discussion was attended by seven young individuals who are passionate about the environment and its sustainability. Sira shared some climate facts with them, and suggestions as to what is required of them as individuals and founders of environment-based initiatives. She also showed them a short video clip explaining ‘The effect of Greenhouse gases on the planet”.

The event gave the participants the opportunity to share ideas on various ecological goals that need to be achieved for a sustainable environment.

One of the participants testified later on that the event had been a ‘resurrection’ for his goals. For Sira, this first Eco Sustainability Chat was indeed a success, as everyone present pledged to be more responsible regarding the environment by having a long term focus on what they can do for a sustainable environment.