ACRP has a budget of $80 000 for 2018. This is not very much money so to reach our goals, we need your help. What can you do?

  1. We are looking for experts on carbon sequestration and carbon sink management who can assist us in developing training materials for government officials. Climate Leaders with experience in managing mangroves, indigenous forests (and reforestation), grasslands, soil and climate-friendly agriculture, oceans, and the development of training materials would extremely valuable.
  2. We are looking for Climate Leaders who work in the field of policy analysis and want to work on the progress of African countries towards NDCs. We have a format to guide you on this work.
  3. Are you a Climate Leader that enjoys working with young people? Can you help us update our youth training materials? Can you establish an eco-club?
  4. Do you have suggestions of how we can mobilise more Africans in our fight against climate change?
  5. Are you doing any interesting work and would like to share your experience? Please contribute to our blog so that we can share your work.
  6. Please log all your Acts of Leadership on Reality Hub!

To help us reach our 2018 goals and participate in positive climate action please contact us on