African Climate Reality Project ramps up for expansion

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), a programme of Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), South Africa’s first greening and social development enterprise, will expanding its activities into Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa in the new year.

This news comes as Jeunesse Park, who has been FTFA’s part-time ACRP ambassador, departs as a good friend, having started the public benefit organisation in 1990.
Chris Wild, executive director of FTFA, says: “When I took up the position of executive director in November 2014, Jeunesse offered to assist on the ACRP project for a period of one year, particularly as the Road to Paris campaign is of great importance to the outcome of COP21 and South Africa’s commitment towards a low carbon future. That year has flown by, and we are very grateful to Jeunesse for all the foundation work she did in securing the commitment of so many coalition partners for the Road to Paris Campaign.”

This campaign led up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP21), due to take place in Paris in December 2015. Countries across the globe committed to create a new international climate agreement by the conclusion of COP21. In preparation, countries have agreed to publicly outline what post-2020 climate actions they intend to take under a new international agreement, known as their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). The INDCs will largely determine whether the world achieves an ambitious 2015 agreement and is put on a path toward a low-carbon, climate-resilient future.

“In line with the initiatives of its international parent body (the Climate Reality Project, initiated by Al Gore), the ACRP will be focused in 2016 on gathering and coordinating support for the implementation of South Africa’s INDC. This will require a tremendous amount of additional work, and we are interviewing suitable candidates to run the ACRP programme fulltime,” Wild said.

The ACRP programme will also seek to be both a member and convener of a coalition working on a joint climate and energy strategy for Southern (and potentially sub-Saharan) Africa, will continue to support and coordinate the efforts of African climate leaders, and will support the Sub-Saharan African expansion of the Climate Reality Project.