Afrika Vuka: Fuelling the fossil free movement

Vuka Week kicked off on 11 February 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya. The event brought together CSOs and NGOs from across the continent to discuss upscaling effective climate action on the continent.

The event was hosted by Afrika Vuka, the new deCOALanise.Africa platform seeking to fuel the fossil free movement by connecting climate activists and campaigns across the continent.

African Climate Reality Project was invited to join in, and our East (Timothy Mugerwa) and West (Mike Terungwa) Africa Regional Coordinators, as well as Climate Reality Leader, Gloria Bulus, represented our continent wide movement.

From left: Timothy Mugerwa, Gloria Bulus, Mike Terungwa

Campaigns led by different organisations were presented on and discussed in an effort to share experiences and best practices, and Mike and Timothy shared African Climate Reality Project’s experience of leading the coalition campaign for Zero Emissions|Omissions – the campaign calling on the African Development Bank to commit to 100% renewable energy and 100% transparency.

In the middle of all the action, Timothy, Mike, and Gloria found time to host a Climate Reality Leader and volunteer meetup for those in the area. Like-minded climate champions had the opportunity to meet, make new friends, and talk about how they can work together to keep amplifying African Climate Reality Project’s climate action message.

With there being little over a decade left to stop climate change in its tracks, the time for ambitious and effective action is now – and that’s exactly what Afrika Vuka is all about. By working together on the burning task that we are facing, all Africans can have renewed hope that we will face a climate resilient future.