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Slash and burn in Swaziland: a traditional practice with environmental consequences

I live on top of a mountain in Sidwashini, Mbabane, where every…
29th September 2015/by Elin Ström

Greyton Transition Town – The only official transition town in SA

Greyton Transition Town (GTT) is part of the global transition…
25th September 2015/by Elin Ström

Will DEA listen to civil society?

A draft of South Africa’s INDC has been published and stakeholder…
14th September 2015/by Elin Ström

The wind beneath SA’s wings: Green Drinks talk and the growth of South Africa’s wind-powered power stations

An interesting evening in Wendywood, the Green Drinks event held…
6th August 2015/by Elin Ström

Monkey see, monkey do; Green Drinks meets biomimicry


Cool winter night, glühwein and soup to warm the body…
28th July 2015/by Elin Ström

Trees, our filter, our pump, our lives

The earth is such a perfect closed self-sustaining system capable…
10th July 2015/by ACRP

Crash Course in Climate Change Politics – INDC meeting at COSATU house – June 2015

On the 10th of June 2015, Elin and Iain, volunteers from the…
9th July 2015/by Elin Ström

Africa can lead the way on climate change

African governments, investors, and international financial institutions…
27th June 2015/by ACRP


With deep conscious and overwhelmed altitude, I would like to…
2nd June 2015/by ACRP

Mozambique: Planting a Future

7th May 2015/by ACRP

Changing The World In Our Own Small Ways

In two tiny villages of Africa, change is taking place, in away…
6th May 2015/by douw

Bright Future for Madagascar

by Pam Le Noury

I just returned home from a mammoth journey…
10th December 2014/by douw