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Earth day 2016 and the Signing of the Paris Agreement.

As with the 45 years preceding it, 2016’s Earth Day will be…
21st April 2016/by Iain Cluett

A message from a Climate Leader

By David Michael Terungwa

2015 was the hottest year in record…
5th April 2016/by Iain Cluett

Climate action in the dark

Earth Hour is approaching for the 10th time on Saturday 19 March.…
15th March 2016/by Elin Ström

Water: Of infinite value, but worth nothing

By Lezette Engelbrecht

I remember once standing in the security-check…
8th March 2016/by Iain Cluett

Earth Hour 2016

[hover_pack img=""…
25th February 2016/by Iain Cluett

Learning by cooking

By Cordula Gutekunst

Green Drinks Event on 18th of February…
23rd February 2016/by Iain Cluett

Youth participation: A key solution in advancing climate change awareness

By Lineo Thakhisi

If the current growth of climate change…
17th February 2016/by ACRP

What is El Niño, the event contributing to South Africa’s current drought?

By Jacqueline Roux

I am sure that you have by now heard of…
11th February 2016/by Elin Ström

Climate Change, Technology and the rural poor

Written by Gavin Heron

We were supposed to train, impart knowledge…
27th January 2016/by Elin Ström

COP21: Week 1 Insights

As the week comes to an end, Paris has shown some interesting…
4th December 2015/by Elin Ström

What it’s like volunteering at Food & Trees for Africa

Sebastian Quaade writes about his experience at our Wendywood…
5th November 2015/by Elin Ström

Climate Leader’s report from Bonn ADP 2-11

Author: Edwin Usang

It’s my pleasure to share my thoughts…
28th October 2015/by Elin Ström