Climate Reality Leaders Call on the African Development Bank to support a Just Green Recovery

Ahead of the African Development Bank’s Annual General Meeting in August 2020, Climate Reality Leaders came together to call on the Bank to immediately put in place and publish a fossil fuel finance exclusion policy that states that the bank will not fund, provide financial services or capacity support to any fossil fuel projects on the African continent – along with the call for the Bank’s support for a Just Green Recovery in Africa.

Climate Reality Leaders spent August giving presentations in their communities about the climate crisis and what we can do about it, sharing the Zero Emissions | Omissions petition with their networks, taking part in the photo petition, and 40 of our Leaders sent an open letter directly to the African Development Bank as well.

Read the full open letter and sign the petition, and be sure to share it with your networks as well!

See some of our Climate Reality Leaders in action below:

If you would like to submit your photo petition or action for our website and social media, please send this directly to Communications Officer Nicole Rodel.