Young African leaders take climate action

By Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim

Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim is the founder and leader of Nectar of Hope for Children’s Foundation, which is dedicated to making the world a better place for children by empowering them to understand global challenges, such as climate change. A large part of this work focuses on how the youth can contribute to providing a solution to these challenges.

Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim is a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) advocate and an African Climate Reality Project volunteer in Ghana. Recently, he organised an inspired initiative called The Rural Young Leaders Summit, held during August 2018 in Kumasi Ghana.

This initiative aimed to involve young leaders from various communities in the fight against climate change. As the SDGs indicate, no one should be left behind in the fight against climate change and as young children are the future generation, it is crucial that they understand the effects of climate change on their health, education, and the environment that they will inherit.

The community’s youth responded positively to The Rural Young Leaders Summit, and are set to be future climate champions by planting trees in their homes and surrounding communities to beautify the area and protect it against global warming. They also planted trees in their schools, which in a few years will provide means of income in their communities by growing fruit.

At the summit, Abdul-Rahman also brought the youth’s attention to the threat of plastic pollution. They discussed how to limit plastic consumption, and if it must be used, how to recycle or reuse different products. These young leaders are now in the process of submitting a report to the government of Ghana, which highlights the youth movement in the fight against climate change, and how the group believes the government could be doing more to take climate action.

Abdul-Rahman takes much of his inspiration from former US Vice President and Climate Reality Project founder Al Gore, and has committed himself to spreading the Climate Reality Project message to impact the lives of young African leaders.