The Paris Agreement has come into force from November 4, 2016. Now it’s time to deliver on our commitment to a sustainable future in Africa! Take action now to turn global pledges into actions at COP22 and beyond.

Our Big Five Green Asks


Divest from fossil-fuel energy


Prioritise renewable energy sources


Prioritise climate-smart, sustainable agriculture


Prevent deforestation


Reforest our lands


Improve land management


Strengthen climate resilience


Foster low-carbon transport


Promote energy-efficient buildings


Ensure good governance


Adopt and enforce robust policies


Leverage climate-friendly investments


Improve access to climate finance


Educate and build capacities


Empower and lead by example


With the UN COP22 climate negotiations taking place in Marrakesh, Morocco, in November 2016 comes the opportunity to take another major step forward to turn global pledges into action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Moroccan government intends it to be “the COP of Action”, with a focus on implementation of the Paris Agreement, especially related to adaptation, transparency, technology transfer, mitigation, capacity building and loss and damages. This is an outcome that the Climate Reality Project aims to help secure.

COP22 represents a unique chance to put the nexus between climate change and sustainable development on top of the agenda in Africa and to encourage meaningful conversations around implementation in each country.

Join our Big Five Green Asks For The Climate campaign this October!

Raise awareness and advocate concrete and country-tailored actions during the run-up to COP22.

Give visibility to the campaign

Give visibility to the campaign

Add the Big Five Green Asks for the Climate banner in your email signature and on your social media.
The banner is available in the Resource bank (link below).

Share the Big Five Green Asks on your social networks

Share the Big Five Green Asks on your social networks

Share the Big Five Green Asks on the social media, using the information posted on the ACRP Facebook page and the ACRP Twitter (@AfricaCRP). Use the hashtags #BigFiveGreenAsks and #COP22 on Twitter to spread the conversation.
You may also use post the messages using the material (full PDF or individual postings) provided in the Resource bank.

Help draft an ACRP position paper on the implementation of your country’s NDC’s

Help draft an ACRP position paper on the implementation of your country’s NDC’s

This document should assess where your country stands with regards to its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC); and make recommendations as to the priority strategies / commitments / measures required to achieve the goals set in this NDC.

Climate Reality Leaders from the same country are encouraged to develop their position paper jointly so as to achieve as representative an assessment and recommendations as possible.

The position papers should be submitted to the ACRP Management by 15 October 2016 for review and consolidation before dissemination.

Meet with influencers

Meet with influencers

Using the ‘Big Five Green Asks’ and position papers available, meet with influencers – especially national decision-makers and local authorities, but also opinion leaders or even companies – to convey your asks and encourage them to take them on board.

Organise or take part in a Climate March or a Climate Art performance

Organise or take part in a Climate March or a Climate Art performance

Marches are a great way to display the mobilization that exists around our cause, publicize our demands and get media attention.

You may organise a march together with other Climate Reality Leaders or with other organisations involved on climate change. Please let us know your intentions so that we can link you up with other Climate Reality Leaders interested in organising / taking part in a march in your area – and advertise the marches.

We also encourage you to involve artists in your campaign for a climate-friendly future! And don’t forget to document the art performance and exhibition through filming, photos, etc.

Get your message across in the media

Get your message across in the media

Using the Big Five Green Asks messaging, get your asks out on the media:

  • submit Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds to the print and online media.
  • participate in radio / TV shows.
  • organise press briefings.

You will find templates to help you draft Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds in the Resource bank.

For more information about the ‘Big Five Green Asks’ Campaign, contact the African Climate Reality Project.