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International Day of Forests: It’s time to #SinkOurCO2!

March 20 - March 21

International Day of Forests is just around the corner on 21 March, and it’s a great opportunity to take climate action and speak for the trees!

African Climate Reality Project will be launching Sink Our Co2 on International Day of Forests, our new campaign that is aimed at creating awareness around forest management, restoration, and protection as carbon sinks, and inspire people to plant and protect trees (and even hug them if they like).

So what can you do?

Take action!

On both Friday 20 March, and Saturday 21 March, we encourage you to support International Day of Forests and the launch of Sink Our CO2.

However, African Climate Reality Project is aware and conscious of the current need to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We therefore strongly urge you to reconsider whether group gatherings are prudent and wise, and to follow the advice of relevant health authorities in your countries and regions.

The climate crisis continues, however, and for this reason, we strongly suggest that Climate Reality Leaders, volunteers, and climate champions support this day of action using telecommunication and digital means rather than organising or participating in on the ground actions involving crowds of people.

There are various ways you can participate in this global day of action, and here are some ideas:

  • Take to social media to share your commitment to act for Africa’s forests. Download the Sink Our CO2 Social Media Toolkit for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and graphics that you can share, and find the details for the #SinkOurCO2 Selfie Challenge and the #ClimateStrikeOnline to save the Congo Rainforest.
  • Write a blog post for the African Climate Reality Project website about what forests mean to you, and what we can do to protect them. Submit your blog to our Communications Officer for publishing, and try to include some photos!
  • Host an online webinar presentation for your local community, school, faith group, work place, or local government on climate change. Use this to start the conversation on the role trees and forests play in climate mitigation, adaptation, or resilience.
  • Start an e-petition calling on local government to action to protect our forests, and collecting signatures.
  • Practice artivism, and create a work of art, film, song, or poem about the importance of Africa’s forests, or the threats they are facing. You can post this to social media, or submit it to our Communications Officer for publishing on our social media platforms and website
  • Make a donation to the Sink Our CO2 campaign, or to programmes like Food & Trees of Africa or One Tree Planted.

We are looking for some fantastic action-inspiring stories and photographs that we will share on our website and social media, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for this important day of action!

Still wondering why this is important?

Forests act as the world’s lungs, playing a massive role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. More importantly, they currently absorb and store more carbon than they release, making them extremely important carbon sinks. In fact, the 2018 special report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirmed that ending deforestation will significantly help keep the planet’s average temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

But, they are in danger – which means we are too.

Damage caused by logging, farming activities, and the climate crisis – and threats like the destructive plan to drill for oil in the Congo Basin – is reducing our forests’ ability to absorb as much carbon dioxide as they should, to the point where they could become a huge source of carbon emissions into our atmosphere in the coming decades instead of one of the biggest absorbers of this global warming causing gas.

And so it’s up to us to speak for the trees, and ensure that their future – and ours – is protected from the climate crisis.


March 20
March 21