Meet Gina Shoemaker, the Green Earth Queen in South Africa

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of compost? Sure your old biomass might attract a few unwanted fly friends and pick up a fowl scent but throwing it in the garbage to be taken into a landfill is the wrong move. Let us tell you about someone who’s using this organic waste to create jobs and increase food production all over South Africa.

Gina Shoemaker’s role as an influential Climate Leader comes with over twenty-five years of agricultural and horticultural experience. This experience includes certifications in lawn and ornamental landscaping, Organic Gardening and Food Security, and an International Pesticide Licence which have helped her spark a revolution in South African environmental services through an organisation called Green Earth Concepts.

As the active director of Green Earth Concepts, Gina and her team specialise in recycling organic compost and other activities such as landscape design and installation, irrigation installations (residential, commercial, agriculture) and a wholesale nursery. When food decomposes in a landfill, the action of microorganisms produce landfill gas which consists of mainly two harmful gases, carbon dioxide and methane. By recycling organic compost she not only diverts organic refuse away from landfills which is a major cause of greenhouse gases but she creates environmentally friendly farming schemes.

In 2003, Gina relocated to South Africa from the U.S.A. and her first project was the development of The Panorama Composting Plant which recycled over 10,000 tons of organic waste on a daily basis. To do this she had to create a large scale aerobic composting operation and find a client base to match the demand. Since 2003, Gina has implemented many organic farming schemes and developed her trademark commercial worm farm operation which generates large quantities of organic fertilizer useful for farming and gardening. Many people have taken a keen interest in her worm farm practices, noting that it is less expensive to grow organic crops this way. This organic waste solution has proven popular while being carried out in over 200 fruitful operations throughout South Africa. Who knew that compost worms will eat up your organic waste and poop out liquid fertilizer? Just make sure you dilute this fertilizer first.

Gina and her team at Green Earth Concepts work hard to spread environmental awareness about the positive benefits of organic recycling while helping teach and train South African citizens about the sustainability of green waste recycling. They hope to show the entire agricultural industry just how effective implementing green waste recycling would be to help produce nutritious crops and strengthen food security. Most importantly by applying Gina’s methods, it contributes to the detachment of carbon in line with the United Nation’s Framework for Carbon Credit standards.

Green Earth Concepts is another great example of an organisation that is using environmentally friendly tactics to combat climate change while improving farming and gardening practices throughout South Africa.

Trained as a Climate Reality Leader in Johannesburg in 2014, Gina Shoemaker continues to influence the people around her. There is a lot to learn by following Gina’s practices, especially by growing your own food. She recommends growing your own food not only for food security but for these reasons:

– In the past decade, food prices have increased by nearly 200%.

– One of the largest emitters of Green House Gases is the transportation of food worldwide.

– Mass food production is often done non-organically leading to polluted ground water and soil.

If you would like to get involved with Green Earth Concepts, here’s your chance:

101 Klipriver Road Mulbarton, Johannesburg South 2091   

Contact: 084-868-7953     


Web:  www.facebook/greenearthlandscaping