Climate change: The biggest challenge of our time

Kampala International University – Climate Change Dialogue

“For the first time in the history of this world we have a common challenge, a challenge that supersedes race, age, religion, education levels and financial status,” said African Climate Reality Project’s East Africa Regional Coordinator, Tim Mugerwa.

Mugerwa delivered the keynote address of the Climate Change Dialogue at Kampala International University on 26th September 2018, which was attended by over 50 of the university’s students.

He emphasised that although Uganda has contributed very little to global carbon emissions, Africa’s people – its youth in particular – cannot sit idly by as things get worse. “Before we hold industrialised countries accountable, do we hold ourselves accountable?” Mugerwa said. “Do we mind our careless energy usage? Do we care about our indiscriminate waste disposal? Do we think about the swamps and forests we degrade?”

Mugerwa challenged the students to think about how individuals contribute to climate change, and encouraged them to see that while one person can have a negative impact on the environment, one person can also make a significant positive change.

“The students welcomed African Climate Reality Project’s work because it champions solutions not only in protecting the environment, but also enables them to have a learned approach towards taking climate action,” said Nirere Sadrach, ACRP volunteer and dialogue facilitator.

Students discussed and debated Ugandan specific climate change causes, impacts and solutions, and began the first of many climate change dialogues – this group of Kampala International University students will soon launch a new African Climate Reality Project chapter.

“African Climate Reality Project is saying yes – a bright green future is possible in Africa, a bright green future is possible in Uganda and together we’re going to make it possible here at Kampala International University,” said Mugerwa. “I would like this dialogue to grow into a functional ACRP chapter that will not only benefit the university, but the entire community.”

“Our expectation is to be a model chapter that breeds local climate champions in Uganda,” said Sadrach. “Our members will be facilitated with trainings, so that the chapter becomes a hub of knowledge sharing to stimulate collaborative and innovative solutions towards a changing climate.”

Mugerwa declared that the time for ambitious climate action is now – and that the youth are key to this much-needed effort. “It has fallen on your generation to fight climate change, do it without any reservation for your own and future generations. Alone you will move fast but together we will move far.”

Our East Africa Regional Coordinator is looking for motivated volunteers who want to take climate action – are you ready to join the fight against climate change?

Contact African Climate Reality Project’s Communications Officer to get involved.