Meet Blaise Dobson, a green economist at heart

Blaise has always been intrigued by humans’ interactions with the surrounding environment and how they influence our decision making. This has led him to explore the environmental and sustainability-related fields in order to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities for entrepreneurs emergingas facilitators of the delivery of greener products and services, and how they can have a positive impact towards a sustainable future for all.

After graduating from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, as an economist with commerce and law degrees, he decided to put his competence to use in the field of sustainable development. His was just the profile that SouthSouthNorth, a Cape Town-based South African environmental non-profit company that focuses on addressing climate compatibility and development issues across Africa and Latin America, was looking for. Blaise has now been working for five years with SSN, primarily assisting the organisation foster collaborative networks with other like-minded stakeholders working to address climate change while developing its internal strategy, structure and processes to enhance its impact.

Drawing from his background as an economist, he also coordinates the organisation’s climate finance work that looks to drive implementation of climate action by linking high-impact climate change related projects to scaled finance. Blaise is convinced that this is a crucial step towards scaling actions that mitigate greenhouse gases and enhance societies’ resilience on a warming planet.

Responsibility and stewardship are cornerstones of my value system.
The project that the projects that we implement at SouthSouthNorth
have an impact on the flows of capital towards climate change action.

Through further studying and immersing himself in the field of sustainable development, Blaise seeks to gain more knowledge and experience that will help him challenge the paradigms that our society exposes us to. He’s currently studying for a Masters of Commerce in Development Finance at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town. He’s particularly interested in how investors’ interests are aligned to net zero emissions targets, and focuses his masters’ thesis on exploring the financing mechanisms available to green micro, medium and small size enterprises in South Africa.

In the long term he aims to get involved in entrepreneurial endeavors within the green economy in partnership with other like-minded individuals.

In his free time, Blaise blogs with several colleagues about the impact of net zero emissions future for South Africa and Africa more broadly. You can read on at

An African Climate Reality Leader from South Africa, Blaise Dobson is part of a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums ranging from family dinners to international summits. Together they are building a 21st-century movement for solutions to tackle climate change and foster environmental sustainability in Africa and world-wide.