Save the Congo basin peatlands from oil exploration and corruption

Born of lies and corruption, plans to drill for oil in one of…
23rd April 2020/by ACRP

No April Fools – South Africa weakens SO2 pollution limits

South Africa's climate criminals have been handed another victory on a silver platter, courtesy of the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.
1st April 2020/by ACRP

Acting for Africa’s forests to Sink Our CO2

Join the pledge to act for Africa's forests!
30th March 2020/by ACRP

Submission on the 2020/2021 Budget: Carbon Tax & Plastic Levy

Read our comments about the Carbon Tax & Plastic Bag Levy - and learn how to make your own submission!
24th March 2020/by ACRP

Sink Our CO2: ACRP Branch Manager is running for trees

African Climate Reality Project is launching Sink Our Co2,…
13th March 2020/by ACRP

Be the Hummingbird: Actions we can take to fight climate change

First take on meat-free Monday, then topple the ‘pollutriarchy’.
10th March 2020/by ACRP


The podcast where ordinary people can find out how to be a part of our decision-making
processes, and provide fixes to the challenges we face as a society.
4th February 2020/by ACRP

24 Hours of Reality: Speaking Climate Truth into Action in Africa

39 Climate Reality Leaders, 14 countries, and 1 clear message: Climate Action!
28th November 2019/by ACRP

[WATCH] South Africans fight the next Apartheid: Climate Change

What has climate change got to do with apartheid? More than you might think.
30th October 2019/by ACRP

Radio silence on the climate crisis

Is the media doing enough for the climate crisis conversation?
15th October 2019/by ACRP

Open letter to the African Development Bank: Quit coal – and put it in writing

A call to immediately stop the financing of all coal projects on the African continent
8th October 2019/by ACRP

Global Climate Strike: Climate Reality Leaders take action

African Climate Reality Leaders support the Global Climate Strikes across the continent
1st October 2019/by ACRP