Our 2017 Achievements and 2018 Goals

by Gill Hamilton

2017 was an excellent year for the African Climate Reality Project:

  • Our numbers have grown to 603 Climate Leaders
  • We are represented in 26 countries in Africa
  • We have reached over 150 000 Facebook followers.

More importantly, the work we have achieved as a collective is nothing short of remarkable! While we only had 301 of Acts of Leadership logged during 2017, we know that you are doing much more than you are reporting. I am  inspired by our climate leaders throughout Africa.

The profiles of our Climate Leaders tell the stories of people committed to looking after the earth and people. Our climate leaders are working with youth, supporting their governments, training media and businesses, helping implement the Paris Agreement in each country and caring for the environment. Each one of these actions mobilises Africans in the fight against climate change.

We are enormously grateful to the three regional leaders that supported Climate Leaders in East Africa (Timothy Mugerwa), West Africa (David Michael Terungwa) and South-Central Africa (Ivy Chipasha).

Some of the exciting work the team in Johannesburg focused on included running three media training sessions for South African journalists , and we organised the production of a two-part radio series that explains the concept of climate change and renewable energy.  We arranged five screenings of “An Inconvenient Sequel” in major South African cities that were also attended by African ambassadors, government officials and media.

The branch was involved with multiple campaigns, including implementing a national carbon tax, supporting South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Producer Programme, leading the “Joburg CAN shift to 100% renewable energy” effort, and participating in The Big Shift campaign.

African Climate Reality Project goals for 2018 are:

  1. Promoting fossil fuel divestment and the shift to renewable energy through direct and indirect lobbying in partnership with other organizations.
  2. Protecting and improving management of Africa’s carbon sinks through government training sessions focused on reforestation, grassland, and ocean protection.
  3. Improving communication and increasing grassroots awareness of climate change in Africa through media training sessions.
  4. Mobilising more Africans to join the climate action through youth-focused programmes and training Climate Champions.
  5. Analysing the progress of each African country towards the Paris Agreement and hold our leaders accountable.
  6. Promoting broader and effective participation of South African civil society in environmental governance.
  7. That each Climate Leader logs five Acts of Leadership on Reality Hub.
Interested in helping us reach our goals? Contact us on africa@climatereality.com