Powering Positive Change

Cape Town (17 September 2015) The African Climate Reality Project, in association with the Green Building Council of South Africa, invite you to Green Drinks Cape Town on 22 September for a discussion on “Powering Positive Change”.

As governments, communities and organisations prepare for the COP 21 climate talks in Paris at the end of the year, the African Climate Reality Project is delighted to be hosting another Green Drinks event in Cape Town. The aim of these Green Drinks events is to spark discussion on the “Road to Paris” and to expose and evaluate local solutions to the global challenges we face.

This Green Drinks is being held with the kind support of the Green Building Council of South Africa, which is celebrating World Green Building Week from 21 to 27 September. Brian Wilkinson, CEO of the Green Building Council of South Africa, will speak about how green buildings can lead the way in reducing global emissions – and the changes to be made on both the large and small scale, at home and in the office, to build a more sustainable and ecologically balanced future.

“Around the world, companies, cities, countries and consumers are embracing green building to improve our lives both today and tomorrow,” says the World Green Building Council’s CEO, Terri Wills. “Green building today generates significant economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits – for example, simply improving a building’s air quality can increase employee productivity by 11%. Also, as buildings comprise 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, green building can dramatically improve our lives in the future by reducing emissions and the related risks from climate change, enabling people and planet to thrive together.”

The threat of climate change has never been more urgent, yet the way forward has never been clearer. It starts with a global commitment to significantly (?) limit greenhouse gases, which is the outcome hoped for at the COP21 meetings to be held in December in Paris. “The pressure is on for world leaders, scientists, experts, citizens, corporations and organisations from around the global to create a binding resolution to dramatically cut carbon emissions and accelerate a global shift to clean energy and a more sustainable future,” says African Climate Reality Project manager Jeunesse Park. “Our call on the Road to Paris is for an achievable and ultimately feasible 40% renewable energy in South Africa by 2030.”

September’s Green Drinks Cape Town is brought to you by the generous hosts at the Green Building Council of South Africa, with sponsorship of wines from Wyness Vineyards and beer provided by Harfield Beer Company. The event is being organised and run by Change Agent Collective on behalf of Food & Trees for Africa and the African Climate Reality Project.

Join sustainability leaders and climate change activists and professionals on the Road to Paris as we discuss global challenges and local solutions and enact the Powering of Positive Change.

Event Details:
What: In celebration of World Green Building Week we will be hosting an evening dedicated to green building and their potential to lowering our ecological impacts and reliance on fossil fuels
Location: Black River Office Park in Observatory, Cape Town
Date: Tuesday 22nd September
Green Drinks: 5:00 for 5:30
Cash bar will be available

RSVP: climate@thechangeagent.co.za

About the Green Building Council of South Africa
The Green Building Council of South Africa is a global member network of Green Building Councils enabling green building and sustainable communities through leadership and market transformation. Visit: www.gbcsa.org.za

About the African Climate Reality Project (ACRP)
ACRP is the African chapter of former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and is hosted on the continent by Food & Trees for Africa,. In March 2014, Gore trained over 700 African Climate Leaders in South Africa, from government, NGOs, youth, media and scienctists across the continent. ACRPs aim is to spread awareness and action and mobilise communities from Algeria to Zimbabwe to find solutions to climate change. The Road to Paris is a global campaign that urges taking climate action now and communicates the urgent need for a global commitment to come out of COP 21. ACRP is building support through media campaigns and various events, such as the monthly Green Drinks.

About Change Agent Collective
Change Agent Collective is a dedicated, passionate and expert team of communication specialists linked to a unique network of environmental and social sustainability thought leaders.

Change Agent Collective works to unlock the purpose in your brand by partnering with you to define innovative solutions for your business and bring your good story to life with sincerity. We help prioritise your business objectives to so that you can become the next agent of change – both environmentally and socially.

About Green Drinks
Green Drinks is an organic self-organizing global network where people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions that provide an opportunity for inspiration, networking and the discussion of new ideas.