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Acts of Leadership

Through everyday, local acts, Climate Reality Leaders endeavour to sharing the truth about what climate change is doing to our world and how we can stop it by shifting to clean, renewable energy.

These Acts of Leadership may include:

  • Presenting Al Gore’s slideshow adapted from the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”
  • Writing letters to the editors of local and national newspapers
  • Creating and sharing blogs
  • Giving press interviews
  • Engaging government officials, influencers, opinion leaders in your community or country
  • Organising or participating in a day of action

What have you done this month to achieve your 10 Acts of Leadership?

Climate Reality Hub

The Climate Reality Hub portal is a place for Climate Reality Leaders, Climate Reality staff, and partners from around the world to connect, get informed, share resources, and get involved with The Climate Reality Project’s global initiatives.

Scroll down to the Climate Reality Hub portal to add your presentations to date and your Acts of Leadership. These can include participation in events, days of action, hosting a webinar or even writing a blog post!
All of these can be recorded on the portal, just log in and click on ‘Add an Act of Leadership’ or ‘Schedule a presentation!’

Don’t wait to upload your Acts of Leadership to the Portal and share via social media or email us at

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