Statement on Paris Agreement coming into force


More than 55 nations collectively contributing more than 55 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions formally have approved the Paris Agreement.

Over the past year, Former Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project have implemented programming and initiatives all over the world to build wide-ranging public support for climate action and activated thousands of people to rally behind the historic agreement. Ken Berlin, president and CEO of The Climate Reality Project released a statement on the Paris Agreement and Climate Reality’s contributions:

“Over the past year, The Climate Reality Project has worked to catalyze climate action that has culminated in the historic Paris Agreement which is on the cusp of entering into force after today’s announcements from nations. Together, we have made international climate action a reality. From Paris, France, to Houston, Texas, and all the way to Shenzhen, China, Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project have bolstered public and political support for the Paris Agreement.

“The Climate Reality Project endlessly thanks everyone who contributed to this global movement toward action on climate, especially those who worked directly with us to do so. Whether you were trained as a Climate Reality Leader, submitted a comment to the EPA’s open comment period on the Clean Power Plan, attended COP21 in Paris, or simply talked to friends and family about the threats of climate change, you, as an individual, were and still are an important part of the solution to the climate crisis. The Paris Agreement has shown the great heights that we can reach when we work together, and The Climate Reality Project is excited to be part of the hard work ahead to solve the climate crisis once and for all.”

Here is just a sampling of Climate Reality’s work in support of this historic moment and climate action around the globe:

  • Along with our partners in civil society, delivered more than 6 million petitions demanding a strong climate agreement to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at COP21
  • Since 2015, The Climate Reality Project has held trainings in New Delhi, Cedar Rapids, Toronto, Miami, Manila,Shenzhen, and Houston to train over 3,500 activists to communicate the threats of climate change, its solutions, and the need for a strong global climate agreement. During this time period Climate Leaders have completed more than 10,000 actions to support climate action, including over 4,000 presentations delivered to more than 300,000 people.
  • Our branch offices around the world have played key roles in making this agreement a reality:
  • Organized tens of thousands of students to demand climate action on US college campuses as part of the Campus Corps program.
  • Through I AM PRO SNOW, have secured commitments from communities, resorts, and businesses around the world to source their electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • Gathered nearly 300,000 signatures and comments in support of the Clean Power Plan, fuel economy standards, methane regulations, coal leasing rules and other federal initiatives that support a strong US commitment on climate change.

Read the Ken Berlin’s statement on the Climate Reality website.