In March 2014, some 570 African Climate Leaders were trained by Al Gore in South Africa. The African Climate Reality Project was established to support them and other aspiring Climate Leaders.

African Climate Reality Leaders

They are messengers and activists trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to share the truth about what climate change is doing to our world and how we can stop it by shifting to clean, renewable energy. Climate Reality Leaders break down the complex terms of science and policy into the language of everyday life so people across Africa can understand how climate change directly affects them and join the millions worldwide working for solutions.

ACRP activities

They include:

  • Network and Communications Hub  To create, develop, maintain and support the African Climate Leaders to enable them to promote climate change action, awareness, events and solutions.
  • Climate Story Book  To develop a book on climate change stories in Africa. Please send your personal experiences (including photos) of how climate change has affected your life and/or community to
  • Research on Climate Change  To collect and share of African climate change data and case studies and make this information available to all Climate Leaders for their presentations.
  • Fundraising  To ensure the sustainability of the branch, and increase climate awareness and action on the continent, ACRP is seeking partners and funders.