Big Five Green Asks for the Climate

The campaign revolves around the Big Five Green Asks for the Climate: 5 key areas for Africa in which Climate Reality Leaders are making targeted, country-specific recommendations and asks for the implementation of their countries’ NDC’s and the advancement of low-carbon, sustainable development pathways:

  • #1 – Fossil-free energy for all all
    >> creating the conditions to leverage large-scale investments and roll out renewable energies
  • #2 – Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Land Management
  • #3 – Climate Justice
    >> strengthening climate resilience
  • #4 – Climate-smart transport and buildings
    >> low-carbon / energy-efficient transport technologies and infrastructure, energy-efficient buildings, climate-smart urban planning
  • #5 – Key resources to implement mitigation and adaptation
    >> climate finance (international and domestic resources such as a carbon tax), capacity building and technology transfer

present a unified, efficient yet context-relevant messaging for each of these areas.

Big Five Green Asks for the Climate (PDF)