Sustainable energy for all, carbon tax, transparency and social justice at the heart of ACRP’s upcoming strategy.
Mario Molina, the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Director, visited South Africa at the end of August to hold strategic meetings with the Climate Reality African branch and partners and examine how to take the Climate Reality movement forward on the continent.

Mario and ACRP Branch Manager Gillian Hamilton met with Climate Reality Leaders, ACRP Think Tank members, coalition partners and the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Following some very interesting and thought-provoking conversations, they held intensive internal working sessions building on the recommendations from the July 2016 Think Tank meeting, inputs from Climate Reality Leaders and their findings over theses meetings.

At this stage, it has been agreed that the ACRP will focus on mitigation issues rather than adaptation. ACRP has identified four key thematic areas:

  • Sustainable energy / electricity
  • Transparency / governance (directly related to the current political climate)
  • Carbon tax implementation for all
  • Social justice

The ACRP upcoming strategy will build on the strengths of Climate Reality International and will largely take the form of communications and capacity building programmes. We will direct our resources directed where we feel we can add the most value in Africa, i.e. the coordination of stakeholders engaged in the climate conversation and creating a cohesive narrative and message around climate change. We will also focus on developing communication approaches and material that are effective and relevant to the African context and the various audiences targeted.

The ACRP Management invites all Climate Reality Leaders and partners to help develop a cohesive message around climate change in order to ensure that African countries implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), and particularly shift towards equitable renewable energy for all. In South Africa, on of the focus areas will be the implementation of a carbon tax on all businesses.

The ACRP Management will dedicate the coming months to developing the detailed strategy and programmes for 2017 and beyond.