Urban farming with Climate Reality Project’s International Program Director

Climate Reality Project’s International Program Director, Ethan Spaner came to South Africa to visit the African branch – and we took him and some of our Climate Reality Leaders on some proudly South African experiences around Gauteng.

We took Ethan for an afternoon of urban farming with Mam Violet Phala at Molobonyane CoOp. Mam Vi showed us all the lush, fresh produce she grows at Molobanyane CoOp in the heart of Johannesburg, and joined us in planting some seedlings.

After we planted all the herbs and veggies we brought with us, we dusted ourselves off and suited up for an evening out, meeting more Climate Reality Leaders at a local jazz club.

Thanks to the Climate Reality Leaders and our friends from Food & Trees for Africa for joining us!

Did you miss Ethan’s climate change masterclass on 702?

Listen to the full show here.