Why a COP22 campaign?

  • Civil society played a key role in reaching Paris Agreement. We believe that it plays an equally essential role in holding the governments to account and act on their commitments, but also in leading change through initiatives from the bottom up. Host country Morocco is adamant to have high and meaningful civil society participation, particularly of African civil society.
  • Tackling climate change requires the participation of everybody on all levels – from grassroots to national and international levels. This is consistent with the Climate Reality Project’s goals of creating a critical mass of activists who transform the politics of the climate crisis and creating momentum for a global commitment to reducing carbon emissions and adopting sustainable solutions through grassroots action.
  • COP22 represents a chance to advocate political commitments for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The run-up to the event should be utilised to make sure that meaningful and concrete action against climate change will be decided and set in motion.
  • The COP22 will also be need to provide greater clarity on the roadmap regarding the USD100 million promised by developed countries.