In June, the African continent honours its youth as we commemorate June 16 (‘Youth Day’ in South Africa, the ‘Day of the African Child’ on the rest of the continent) to pay tribute to the pupils who took part in the 16 June 1976 uprising in Soweto.

16 June is the symbol of young people standing up for their rights and shaping their own future.

Today still, the African youth is faced with many inequalities and injustices. These are compounded by one of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change. Our continent is one the most vulnerable to global warming and its impacts, yet it also has a unique opportunity to leapfrog to a low-carbon development pathway and build resilience to climate change.

Creating better lives and livelihoods for all in a way that doesn’t also wreck the planete can only be done by tapping into the ideas, energy and dynamic approach of our youth. We need the African youth to be front and center of climate action to carve out a climate-friendly, sustainable future for all in Africa – their future.


To celebrate Youth Month this June, we invite all Climate Leaders across the continent to engage the youth on the causes and impacts of climate change, and discuss solutions for a climate-friendly future.

If each of us makes at least 1 Act of Leadership, we will go a long way in mobilising Africa’s future Climate Leaders!

There are many ways you can engage the youth on the reality of climate change:

Do a presentation

  • Present the science of climate change, its impacts on your country and possible solutions to a school, university or a youth group (sports clubs, faith organisations, associations, etc.).
  • Use the presentation to start a conversation with your audience, and engage them on actions they can take to help reduce their environmental footprint and build resilience to climate change.

Organise a school debate

Get inspired by the Sustainable Energy School Debate organised by a Climate Leader in Zambia earlier this year!

Organise an activity that will inspire young people to deal with climate change

  • Tree planting at schools or in community areas, community clean-up operation, etc.
  • Start the activity with a short presentation and discussion on climate change, and highlight that tackling climate change starts with each and every one of us, however small our actions may seem.

Organise an art or cultural competition

  • Exhibition of drawings / paintings made by youngsters, song competition, etc.
    Take pictures or record their productions, and we will share them on the ACRP website and social media!
  • Help children or youngsters to write a theatre play on climate change and perform in front of their peers or community. Check the tips and hints that we’ve developed to help you organise interactive theatre activity.

We are working on an updated presentation adapted to a young audience that you can use, as well as guidelines to help you organise activities. We will make them available shortly.


  • Log your activity(ies) as Acts of Leadership on the Reality Hub platform. This allows others to know about the actions you are taking, and connect with other Climate Leaders.
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter, using the handle #YouthClimateMonth and @AfricaCRP.