Sunny Morgan, aka “The Solar Guy” of South Africa, is an energy and social change-maker. And energy is definitely something he’s got plenty of!

When he’s not calling for solar everywhere or for a fair and free society through active citizenry, Sunny is the CEO of Enerlogy (Pty) Ltd, a company that helps consumers and businesses produce their own electricity using solar to save money and reduce their reliance on the grid.

Creative entrepreneurs, like Sunny, have found innovative ways to utilise solar energy that can lead to huge increases in access to clean and green electricity. He believes that access to energy is a basic human right and that nobody should be deprived of it. He asserts that energy security is a catalyst for economic growth.

Sunny educates and mobilises all types of audiences, particularly the youth. In one such instance, he used the opportunity of a Climate Change School Awareness campaign organised by the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) in South Africa, to teach the learners about solar energy, and presented on the use of solar panels at several schools across Gauteng province. The learners beamed with excitement when Sunny explained that solar energy is used to power watches, calculators, cookers, water heaters, lighting, and water pumps – but also for communication, transportation, and can create the electricity that we use.

Sunny is encouraged by the growing public support for solar power and renewable energy. People are excited about the growth of solar because of its potential and decreasing costs. The fact is, enough raw energy from the sun reaches the Earth in just one hour to equal all of the energy used by the entire world in a full year. That’s why Sunny is adamant: “We need to radically scale up our capacity to generate electricity from solar energy so that we can fully harness this power.”

Sunny is certain of one thing: solar energy is the path to take – it creates jobs, a stronger economy, fewer threats to our health, cleaner air and a brighter future with more opportunities and less in the way of climate change.

Sunny likes to know what risks he, his family, community and country face – and how he can help avoid them, and he knows it for a fact: climate change is an existential threat to continued habitation of the lovely blue globe he calls home. There is empirical data to support almost every climate change occurrence, whether glacial loss, soil degradation, increasing ocean temperatures or loss of species habitat. “Wherever you look, you will find evidence of climate change”, Sunny says. “The challenge for us is to find ways to address these issues and risks”.

Do it now before it’s too late!

Sunny refuses to sit on the sidelines and wait for change. He wants to make change happen and refuses to wait for someone else to take a stand. “I can talk, write, call-in, protest, demonstrate and change my vote!”

This is the reason why he’s made it his mission to encourage every single person to get involved in fighting climate change by supporting renewable energy, running training courses, doing field work and joining the African Climate Reality Project.

Photographer: Astrid Roediger