What shall we tell our descendants when they ask us where we were while the ecosystem was deteriorating? We should be able to respond that we did all in our power to save it, we should be able to show the trees we planted, point out the endangered species we saved, the wetlands and other creatures we conserved, the policies we facilitated, formulated and lobbied.

Timothy Mugerwa is a climate change activist doubling as social entrepreneur and Pan-African youth leader.

He picked up interest in environmental issues after observing Africa’s slow response to climate change.

“Acting on Climate Change is such a necessity in the 21st century. Our inaction is costing us lives, biodiversity, risking our economies and most importantly risking the lives of future generations.

With a bachelors degree in Social Work and Social Administration (Hons), he joined the Climate Reality Project in 2014 to gain more knowledge about the facts and issues at hands. After successfully completing the climate reality training in Johannesburg, South Africa, he was inspired to take action. He engaged in training, educating and raising awareness about climate change in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa where he resided at the time. He trained over 1000 students, communities and local leaders.

He also initiated the Green Campaign of the African Youth Union (AYU), a pan-African movement he founded and presided until 2016. Under the motto “Keep Mama Africa Green”, this campaign aims at creating generations of young Africans who will be active players in keeping Africa green and maintaining a healthy environment. To do so, AYU engages in raising awareness about climate change and environment, training and educating people of all ages with more emphasis on youth, and getting into action to prevent more effects of climate change.

His engagement as a climate youth leader has been driven by his extensive experience in African youth policies and advocacy and by his conviction that this role involves a responsibility to demand for leaders at all levels to be accountable and deliver on their commitments.

Timothy took the climate change message from South Africa to East Africa – particularly Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda. He has been writing numerous letters and articles about climate change which were published in leading news papers in these countries. Through his international experience, Timothy has been speaking on climate and environmental issues, peace and security, regional integration, youth development and pan-africanism… and how they connect with one another.

To this day, he remains committed to promoting climate change literacy on TV, Radio, print media and social media. He is also involved in sustainable farming and promoting ecosystem based adaptation agriculture. He is currently pursuing a masters in Environment Peace and Security.

An African Climate Reality Leader from Uganda, Timothy Mugerwa is part of a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums ranging from family dinners to international summits. Together they are building a 21st-century movement for solutions to tackle climate change and foster environmental sustainability in Africa and world-wide.