Apply for the African Climate Reality Branch Manager position

African Climate Reality Project is looking for someone to join our team as our new Branch Manager! Read through the details below, and submit your application.

Job Description

  • Title: ACRP Manager for Africa
  • Programme: African Climate Reality Project (ACRP)
  • Reports to: Executive Director and Climate Reality Project International Manager
  • Works closely with: Programme Teams, Procurement Department, Financial Manager
  • Employment Status: Permanent, Full time
  • Qualification/ Experience: Relevant diploma/ degree; minimum 2 – 3 years’ experience


The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) Manager is responsible for all The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) operations in South Africa and Managing their Climate Leader network throughout Africa. It involves creation and oversite of all campaigns, policy documents, media, climate leader training / liaison and coordination of the ACRP team and their sub projects. This role is both strategic and practical, requiring effective planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all ACRP projects and their partner projects in the region. Due to the seniority of the position, there are associated responsibilities within the Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) core Management team.

Required Competencies and Skills

Specific Skills:

  • Project Management and associated skills
  • Strategy Development
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication (including presentations)
  • Good Social and Networking Ability
  • Oversight and Risk Management
  • Understanding of Climate Crisis and Climate/ Environmental Ethics
  • Preparing of Financial and / or Resource Schedules
  • Good process, procedure and meeting etiquette

General Skills:

  • Strong written and verbal English – additional languages preferable
  • Self-Management
  • Team Management
  • Technology: Above average computer skills – Preferably experience with G Suite and / or Microsoft Office

Character Traits:

  • Organised, hardworking and dependable with a track record in these areas
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Calm under pressure
  • Good boundary management
  • Preferred candidate must genuinely care about the climate crisis

Primary Management Skills:

  • Planning: critical thinking; identifying interests of stakeholders; problem solving; strategic thinking; project management.
  • Organising: accuracy; analytical ability; logical thinking; negotiating; networking; persuasion; presentation; public speaking; time management.
  • Coordinating: adaptability; collaboration; communication; emotional intelligence; empathy; honesty; listening; patience; scheduling team player; teaching.
  • Directing: assertiveness; conflict resolution; cost-cutting; decision-making; delegation; engagement; obstacle removal; professionalism; uncertainty removal.
  • Oversight: budget management; evaluating employee performance; execution; generating reports; interpreting data; leadership; responsibility; tactfulness.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, please send your CV and cover letter to applications@trees.org.za  with the subject: ACRP Manager.

This position is based in Johannesburg, South Africa; starting as soon as possible.